Throughout 2016 we surveyed residents’ parents and guardians about the quality of care and service provided at our behavioral health treatment facility. Here is a snapshot of some of the key results and parents’ feedback.

94% of parents/guardians agreed that they were satisfied with the care given to their child.

“We felt (our son) got more substantive treatment here than any place he had been at before. We especially appreciated the emphasis of a patient’s responsibility to engage in his treatment plan.”

“I am pleased with Red River. (Our therapist) was great and has helped me and my son get where we need to be. I appreciate each and every staff member. Everyone has helped both of us.”

“Red River helped with my son’s condition and made an impressive accomplishment. (The staff) was very professional with communication, friendly, and helpful. (Our therapist) was excellent at his work with (my son). (He) pushed for success and made an improvement with (my son). I am happy with our outcome at Red River.”

99% agreed that their child’s therapist was accessible and kept them informed of incidents and progress.

“(Our therapist) was very helpful throughout the process. He was always available and he kept me informed about everything.”

96% agreed that the staff were helpful and professional.

“(Our therapist) is very intuitive. She understood (my son). She was able to cut through the bull. Everybody was helpful and caring. Staff was very nice during Saturday visits. It was very heartwarming to see that everybody was caring. (Our therapist) is great!”

“(Our therapist) made us feel comfortable and I trusted him with (my son) 100 percent. He was the reason I felt comfortable with my son staying here and I trusted his advice. I truly felt that he cared about (my son). I always knew that if he said everything was okay that it was the truth.”

96% agreed that they felt their child was safe.  

“I was very impressed with the treatment my son received. I loved that the staff kept me very informed on his treatment and behavior. I would highly recommend this place to any parent that has the same behavior problems with their children and are looking for a safe and well-designed program for their child.”

95% said they would be willing to refer others to our facility for behavioral health treatment.

“I would recommend Red River to other parents for their son. I really believed that (our therapist) really helped my boy – made him aware and how to cope with his anger. The staff was always ready to listen to me; they kept me informed about my boy and I’m pleased!”

“(Our therapist) and the other staff were very professional and responsive to my inquiries. I was updated on all changes and situations. (Their) knowledge and professionalism was greatly appreciated during this process. I highly recommend Red River Youth Academy.”

In 2017, we look forward to continuing to enhance our therapeutic program and further our mission of hope, second chances, and new beginnings for young men and their families.

Data used in the article is from 215 surveys completed by parents and guardians of Red River Youth Academy residents throughout 2016.