Earlier this month we shared results from our 2016 parent/guardian surveys, providing a snapshot of their level of satisfaction with the quality of adolescent behavioral health care and services provided at Red River Youth Academy. Our residents’ feedback is equally important, and we end the month with highlights from our 2016 resident surveys.

  • 97% of residents agreed that they understand the importance of following their discharge plan.
  • 97% agreed that their therapist responded to and addressed their needs.
  • 93% agreed that they knew their treatment plan goals.
  • 93% agreed that they felt better at discharge than when admitted.
  • 91% agreed that overall, they were very satisfied with their treatment.

In addition to surveying residents at discharge, we also conduct monthly Client Advisory Board meetings, where two residents from each of three units meet with our staff and provide helpful feedback about our program and facility, and offer their ideas for enhancing the resident experience.

In 2017, we look forward to continuing to enhance our therapeutic program and further our mission of hope, second chances, and new beginnings for our residents and their families.

*Data is from 222 surveys completed by Red River Youth Academy residents throughout 2016.