We would like to allay concerns and squash false rumors that Red River Youth Academy is closing in February. This is not the case whatsoever. There are no plans to close the facility.

Proposed cuts to SoonerCare (Medicaid) reimbursement for psychiatric residential treatment facility (PRTF) services were taken off the table earlier this fall.

  • During the first special session this fall, the Legislature passed HB1019, including funding for the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, which oversees state Medicaid reimbursement rates for mental health services.
  • While Governor Fallin vetoed most of the bill, she saved the funding for ODMHSAS, OHCA, and OKDHS.
  • The funding is enough to support the agency through April.
  • This gives the Legislature time to address additional, necessary allocations in the current, second special session, or the regular session, which begins in February.
  • Presently, there has been no notice that Red River Youth Academy or any PRTFs will face any reimbursement rate cuts.

Be assured that our administrative team is staying on top of developments at the State Capitol and continues to work in our facility’s, clients’, and staff’s best interests with state legislators and government agencies.

This year, with the full support of Meridian Behavioral Health Systems:

  • We completed facility renovations.
  • Have seen incredible growth in our program and the number of youth served.
  • Added an adolescent girls’ unit and a unit for 8- to 11-year old boys, which has allowed us to provide additional resources to youth and families in crisis.
  • Residents who have completed treatment at our facility this year and their parents rate our program an average 91 on a scale of 0-100.

Red River Youth Academy is committed to providing the most effective care for our clients through programs designed to target specific problems faced by children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral disorders, and to teach them new life skills to enable them to succeed in life. And we maintain our sights on continuously improving our facility, our program, and ourselves so that we can give our clients every opportunity and the tools they need to succeed. Today and in the years to come.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call me at 405-701-8530 or email me at AmyS@RedRiverYA.com.

Amy Steely, LPC, Chief Executive Officer